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We believe every challenge can be resolved and solutions lie right beside challenges. It takes a good discussion based on facts, insights, and asking the right questions to find them swiftly and efficiently.

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As a business leader, have you ever felt that your organization doesn't deliver on your business strategy and market goals? Do you sense the hidden and unleashed potential in your team? Or do you have an urgent business challenge that requires quick resolution? Is there no time left to reflect on vision, strategy, and market impact?
If so, I can help you efficiently and sustainably resolve your business concern, design and create the team environment you need for your business success.


Are you searching for a solution for a complex challenge in your personal or work life? Are you dealing with change or conflict, a shake-up, a wake-up, or a breakup? Do you have the feeling that there is so much more potential in you, and you want to develop it, but you don't know how?

Or do you have a life goal you want to pursue?


If so, this is the right place to be. I can support you in gaining clarity, a vision for the future, and a plan for how you can implement it.


Do you want to upskill your team regarding leadership, cooperation, communication, and continuous self-development? Do you want to have a resilient, upbeat, and motivated team? And do you want a team that can resolve its emotional issues and grows in the process?


If so, I can offer you a row of foundational focus workshops that have proven to strengthen teams.


"Zarmina was highly recommended to me after I took over a new team and wanted to run a team workshop. Already after our first conversation, it was crystal clear that she was the right choice for us. Her broad knowledge and wealth of experience, coupled with empathy and the right sense for the right topics, have noticeably advanced our development both as a team and as individuals."

Team Lead, HR IT

Aviation Industry

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