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Case Studies

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Business Owner and Senior Manager, Industrial Machinery

"We are a medium-sized, relatively young industrial company that has recorded fairly rapid business growth. However, the internal structures remained behind. Despite a highly motivated and hard-working team, we were faced with a number of problems - especially with regard to communication, team spirit and consequently in terms of effectiveness. Zarmina was recommended to us. We also found out that she is so much more than a business coach. She has in-depth knowledge of human nature, combined with honest empathy towards people. After a brief analysis and in-depth personal discussions with our most important employees, she was able to see the big picture. She showed us that internal misalignments as well as a lack of communication and clear responsibilities were the problem. Zarmina's analysis was an eye-opening moment for all of us. We started our work with a series of coaching interventions. Today we have defined clear mandates and responsibilities and our mission and vision are firmly in focus. In addition, we have established a productive discussion culture and clear guidelines with regard to decision-making and deadlines. All of this takes place in a climate of respect and appreciation for one another. Without Zarmina we would not be where we are now. We continue to develop our organization because profound changes require time, patience and a real will to change. We thank Zarmina for her support so far and will stay in close contact to ensure that we stay on our new path of becoming a "Super Team" (Zarmina's highest level of aligned business). We can recommend them to both individuals and companies seeking sustainable development and direction."

Team Leader in HR IT, Aviation

"Zarmina was highly recommended to me after I took over a new team and was looking for support in planning and implementing a team workshop. Already after our first conversation, it was crystal clear that she was the right choice for us. Her broad knowledge and wealth of experience, coupled with empathy and the right sense for the right topics, have noticeably advanced our development both as a team and as individuals. She opens up unexpected perspectives that make team dynamics as well as the actions of individuals and the drivers of our own actions understandable on a level that I have never encountered in any management coaching before. At the same time, she is able to produce very concrete work products in the workshop, so that after our workshop we knew very clearly what our next steps would be in our own organization. She manages to do this in a wonderfully pleasant, unagitatedly friendly way that I really appreciate. The exchange with her is always very valuable and appreciative, and makes me leave our meetings stronger every time. I thank her very much for the excellent cooperation and look forward to future joint projects!"

Sales Manager, Pharma

"Zarmina has the extraordinary ability to read other people's thoughts, feelings and inner states in a very short time. She understands everything and sees the “big picture”. From this she draws her conclusions and has a solution ready for almost every challenge, which the participants can develop and implement for themselves in the process. It's about knowing yourself and gaining strength to connect with your team members in a more profound way. This was a great enrichment for all members of my team. The resulting strong team spirit can be unleashed to increase business and team productivity. The results and content of our workshop were an absolute asset to both our company and our personal lives."

Finance Director, Pharma

"Meeting and working with Zarmina was one of the most impressive experiences of my life. I felt empty and at odds with my career path, which had a negative impact on my wellbeing. To outsiders, it seemed like I had everything to enjoy my life - I had a successful career, was doing reasonably well financially, and had great opportunities, but something great was missing. At some point I found myself between depression and anxiety, addiction and disappointment. I often blame other people for my bad experiences. Luckily, I then met Zarmina who helped me change my perspective by helping me just focus on … myself. And that changed everything in my life. Working together gave me the right attitude and tools I needed to “rewire” my mind. And the rest quickly followed. Don't get me wrong—today I'm not even close to what I want to achieve, but I know exactly what it looks like and how to get there, and the moment I go back to my old thoughts and habits, I know that I can reach Zarmina, not only as a great coach and mentor, but also as a lifelong sparring partner and friend who can help me get back on the path I deserve. "

VP, Transportation Industry

"I had just taken over the leadership of a functional team. We had little cohesion, no shared vision, and no clear priorities for our role. We didn't know how to work together to achieve our goals in the best interests of our company. There was also sensitive situations related to people that we needed support in. It was a complex situation.
I wasn't sure if my team would open up to outside guidance. Of course, cost was also a factor.
Zarmina's advice and support for me as a team leader was exactly right and also extremely valuable in the phases of team building in which storms, standardization and performance are carried out. Zarmina has an extraordinary talent for understanding how people think, act and feel and to combine these insights with their behavior. In other words, it helps managers and executives understand the drivers (both conscious and unconscious) of team member behavior and their own!
I have learned to be more confident in my leadership style, to use my natural leadership talents and to trust my intuition. I also really understood the value of good listening. We came together as a team with a clear identity and stood together behind our mission for our stakeholders. This was the unique key to unraveling our situation.
Zarmina's insights are extremely valuable and she can help you become not only a more effective but also a more natural leader. I definitely got a lot more out of the experience than I expected. Even though I live on the other side of the planet, Zarmina is still a very important and trustworthy advisor to me. "

Head, Global Development, Pharma

“Our company had grown significantly in the past 18 to 24 months, particularly in Europe (we are a US-based company), and it had become clear that we were facing a leadership challenge to effectively and efficiently manage this change. We decided we needed outside help and contacted Zarmina Penner to work with Europe's senior executive and leadership team to address this challenge. Zarmina is clearly a highly qualified and accomplished professional with excellent analytical skills. How she got on board and worked with the leadership team and the leader was impressive. She had a good understanding of the business. She could quickly build trust with the staff involved, do a careful and careful analysis of the situation, then steer the leadership team towards common ground and understanding of where they were and what needed to be done. Zarmina had a noticeable influence on the team and the business, and without her competent work, we would not be where we are today.“

Founder & Business Owner, Consulting

"I was introduced to Zarmina by a trusted colleague, which led me to investigate Zarmina's approach to coaching. Over the course of a few weeks I went through an extremely extensive process of sharing information, discussing and creating a thorough picture of my ethos, habits, style, and nature. Having spent most of my career in leadership positions with responsibility for large teams and P&L, I can safely say that this has been the most comprehensive and rewarding coaching experience I've had. This was only made possible by a combination of Zarmina's ability to gain trust and the various techniques she cleverly designed. This effective combination is made possible by Zarmina's unique experience, expertise and personal passion to generate insights that serve the empowerment of the other. From this experience I am strengthened, more self-confident and better able to control the ups and downs of my professional life and my personal relationships. If it were possible, I would recommend everyone to take advantage of this experience and work with Zarmina to find out how to approach fulfillment in life."

Finance Director, Pharma

“In my role as Finance Director of a Pharmaceutical Company in Germany, I have had the pleasure to work with Zarmina, both with my team and on a personal level. Zarmina’s dedication and commitment to our work were truly remarkable. From the very beginning, Zarmina demonstrated a keen understanding of our objectives and priorities and helped us to dive into the heart of the matter. Zarmina’s ability to assess team dynamics and identify development opportunities was truly impressive. She owns a remarkable knack for reading people and understanding their strengths and areas for improvement. Through her guidance and insightful feedback, Zarmina helped our team members recognize their capabilities and encouraged them to strive for continuous growth. What truly stood out during our collaboration was Zarmina’s ability to foster openness and create an environment that nurtured creativity and innovation. She was adept at facilitating discussions, encouraging everyone's participation, and bringing out the best ideas from the team. Her guidance was clear, and her genuine interest in our success was evident in every interaction. Moreover, Zarmina played a pivotal role in helping us refine our priorities. She had the ability to distill complex challenges into actionable steps, allowing us to focus our efforts effectively. Her guidance was invaluable in ensuring that our team stayed on track and worked towards our shared goals with clarity and purpose. In summary, collaborating with Zarmina was a great experience. Her clear insights, great interpersonal skills, and ability to create opportunities made a significant impact on our team's development. I am grateful for her support in identifying my strengths and areas to further enhance, which has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Zarmina to anyone seeking a collaborative partner who can inspire, guide, and help unlock their full potential.”

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Preparing the organization for the next generation

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Implementing a new organizational structure

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Onboarding a new leadership team

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Redefining the mandate and strategy of a leadership team

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Navigating a complex reorganization

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Revealing hidden obstacles in the team

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Leading a multidisciplinary team

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Resolving longstanding team conflicts

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Strengthening cooperation in a sales team

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Optimizing leadership skills

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Managing the professional transition after a burnout

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Resolving interpersonal disputes

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