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I've been a business, team, and personal coach for over 20 years. From curiosity about organizational and leadership issues and years of working with organizations, teams, and leaders, I have developed a framework, process, and toolbox (ALIGNOMETRY ®) to align the internal organization of any business with its vision and strategy.

Organizational alignment naturally leads to significantly higher productivity, greater well-being, and a better team spirit.

I specialize in

  • Event facilitation

  • Transformation and change, especially new beginnings

  • Team and personal development, including conflict management

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In essence, the process is about:

  • Inspiring to think differently

  • Building high-spirited collaborative communities, and

  • Offering practical (universal) solutions for typical leadership challenges.

My background in medicine, medical informatics, business, and integrative health sciences provides the foundation for my work. To date, I have worked with companies in 10 different industries: Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Heavy Equipment, Aviation, Automotive, Consulting, Finance, IT, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes.

I advise companies on restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, and other internal transformations. Projects include organizational development, process, and productivity optimization as well as executive coaching, event facilitation, team development, conflict management and escalation management. I work with national and international clients in both English and German.

Dr. med. Zarmina Penner, MBA, MAS

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