My name is Zarmina. I have been a coach for over 20 years.


During my medical studies, I experienced various kinds of healthcare institutions. I still vividly remember the frustration I felt trying to do the best job I could. Working with patients was challenging enough, but not as challenging as working within the hospital’s processes. It seemed to me that those involved in the work with patients didn’t know what others were trying to achieve. It seemed to me; no one felt responsible for the overall coherence of operations and the well-being of those involved. It seemed like there was no one in charge. I wondered if misalignment was inevitable in all organizations or only in healthcare. These experiences piqued my interest, and it became my mission to understand why misalignment happens and how to achieve overall alignment.

Today I know for sure that alignment is possible- though never 100% since a good dose of changes and shifts are always underway in thriving organizations. However, a sufficient portion of supporting structures and processes stays coherent, dependable, and aligned, contributing to ongoing stability. Today I draw on these and later experiences and have created a robust method for aligning the internal organization with the business strategy and market goals on a sustainable path to success.
​Alignment, crafted purposefully, allows all moving pieces in an organizational system to fall in their rightful places. Aligned teams demonstrate targeted productivity, well-being, and high spirits. ​Alignment is a prerequisite for organizational agility because it foresees change and is designed to accommodate it while maintaining a stable foundation.



Zarmina Penner, MD, PhD, MBA, MAS

I am a medical doctor turned business consultant and executive coach with over 20 years of experience. Additional background in medical informatics, business administration, and integrative health sciences equip me for my work. Based near Frankfurt in Germany, I have worked with over 550 teams in 9 different industries* in helping them align with their vision, strategy, and goals during M&As, organizational restructuring, crisis, and change.

I work with national and international clients, both in English and in German.


*Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Devices, Pharma, Heavy Devices, Transportation, Consulting, Finance and IT

Dr. Zarmina Penner, Steubenstrasse 3, D-65189 Wiesbaden