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Coaching Testimonials

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Here are some of the typical challenges our coaching clients have faced:

  • Evaluate and understand a complex professional situation and make a decision

  • Find effective ways to communicate with others and propose ideas

  • Become a better leader

  • Find the best career path

  • Learn to deal with a difficult personal situation

  • Evaluate and understand, optimize, and develop mindset and behavior

  • Understand “difficult” people and optimize interactions

  • Develop a new perspective to overcome obstacles and let go

"Zarmina's outstanding coaching has not only revitalized me, but also empowered me to take on new challenges with drive and determination. Her empathic nature made it easy for me to build trust and open up. As a result of our work together, various interpersonal issues in the team have been resolved, and I can now move forward to my full potential. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Female Manager, Beauty Industry, 45

Female Client, 25

"In my opinion, Zarmina is not only the best coach I can imagine, but a true master of life. Her experiences, combined with an exceptionally high level of professionalism, empathy, and various coaching methods, have invariably helped me. I have learned to calm down, sort my thoughts, and accept myself with my strengths and weaknesses. Our conversations are intense and intriguing because I get to know myself anew after every interaction with her. I am incredibly grateful that I got to know Zarmina. She is an asset to my life!"

Female Client, 43

„Zarmina has always been a great inspiration to me. Her clear view of people, things, and situations, as well as her direct and constructive feedback, brings you back down to earth. She has a great sense of people and, besides her expertise, never loses sight of the individual subtleties of her counterpart.“

Female Client, 33

"Zarmina is absolutely authentic and very professional. The variety of the used and proven methodology has brought a lot of clarity to me. I learned a lot about myself during that time."

Male Client, 43

"...Coaching with a very personal, individual touch and at the same time fact-oriented professionalism, always underpinned by a wide range of professional experience."

Female Client, 47

"Zarmina impressed with high quality support and professional mentoring in difficult team situations. She has a very good reading of human behaviors and emotional settings. Besides her professionalism I very much appreciate her warm and open-minded personality, which enables quick connections and a reliable cooperation. Thanks Zarmina."

Female Client, 31

“I felt lost in my career, not sure what the next steps should be, not even sure which direction to go. I was also looking for more meaning in my life and wanted to find a way to combine job + me-time + meaning. Zarmina helped me figure out what to focus on, where I was, and what would make sense next.

It has helped me clear my mind and gain a deeper understanding of the decisions I have made in the past and the decisions I might make in the future after realizing where my strengths actually lie. "

Female Client, 37

"Zarmina is a great person. Very professional, analytical, but at the same time, compassionate. She can read people very well, grasp the situation at lightning speed, and give you constructive food for thought in her calm and objective way, enabling you to help yourself."

Male Client, 37

"In my coaching experience with Zarmina, we identified the main points that I can develop and benefit from. We based our work on my personality types and related archetypes and went through many eye-opening models that helped me in my personal and professional improvement journey. I can proudly say that I am on the right path towards a better version of me because of our productive work with Zarmina."

Female Client, 37

"Originating from an inclusion and diversity project, Zarmina has been with me for around two years. There were many things that I wasn't aware of before that they exist and that they influence teams and the business so much. Zarmina combines the knowledge of how organizations work perfectly with the knowledge about people. Thanks to her, I now have the tools to react in the right moment and identify good and bad behavior correctly. The mirror that Zarmina holds in front of me helps me, in particular, to see what drives me and what I stand for. I feel I have developed professionally, and there is still a lot to do."

Female Client, 29

"This coaching helped me a lot in recognizing who I am, where I stand, what defines me as a person and what I need to adjust to develop myself personally and at the same time professionally. Thank you very much for the very intensive coaching."

Male Client, 42

"Zarmina has the extraordinary ability to read other people's thoughts, feelings and inner states in a very short time. She captures all connections and sees the "big picture". From this she draws her conclusions and has for almost any challenge and hurdle a solution in store, which participants of the process can further develop and implement for themselves."

Male Client, 49

“I went through a couple of coaching experiences in the past, but Zarmina helped me to understand some of my behaviors better and change those. It was just like switching light in a dark room. During this process, she combines her special sensing skills with scientific background (psychology, etc.). Working with Zarmina was for me the most inspiring experience in the last year.”

Male Client, 52

"Zarmina helped me as a leader and the team put things in context. It made things clear and built the foundation for meaningful decisions from then on. We committed as a team to work within our mandate while trying to find effective in-ways towards senior management to channel in our bigger ideas. I am impressed by the efficiency and effectiveness of Zarmina's work. She has the skills for making me as a leader see things more clearly, with very little information, that I actively and regularly provide. And it never feels standard. It is very much tailored to me and my immediate concerns."

Female Client, 45

"I was a bit skeptical when coaching sessions were proposed to me. After meeting with Zarmina and having the first two sessions, I started seeing the value of it. She managed to connect with me through shared values and tell me the truth about myself very gently. It was an eye-opening exercise for me. She helped me grow as a leader and define a clear path to become a better version of myself. Thank you for all your continuous support."

Female Client, 47

"... infinitely grateful that you went through this time with me.
When I needed you (and I still need you), you were and are immediately there for me and guide me through the conversations in my head, build me ​​up, always listen. You have "cleared my head" over and over again.
Zarmina’s competence shows empathy, reliability and effective techniques for working on yourself."

Male Client, 27

"Zarmina is polite but determined and very aware of herself and others. She assesses objectively and factually. She is responsible and expects others to be too."

Female Client, 38

"I can recommend Zarmina to anyone in business. She has shown me understanding, openness and offered consulting on a personal level. If you have any similar concerns or unclear matters, just do it. The experience was totally worth it for me. I would not be where I am today. A big thank you."

Female Client, 43

"Zarmina‘s insights are extremely valuable and she will be able to help you to not only become a more effective leader but also a more natural one. I definitely got much more out of the experience than what I had expected. Still now, although I live on the other side of the planet, Zarmina is still a very important and trusted advisor for me."

Female Client, 35

"From the start, the basis of my professional collaboration with Zarmina was trust.
It became clear to me relatively quickly: To lead well, I have to (really!) get to know myself and be aware of my strengths and weaknesses to be able to deal with them in the best possible way as a manager (not only in theory but above all in practice).

I would describe the next phase that followed relatively quickly as an expansion of consciousness and the basis for everything that followed.
A positive change has taken place in me, which was evident to me and those around me. For me, it was highly beneficial coaching in which I experienced and learned incredibly valuable things.
Zarmina is an inspiring and empathetic personality. She has a lot of knowledge, and she gives important impulses at the right time. I value her very much - as a coach and as a person. I am grateful that I could have this experience with her."

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