So what?

What is the benefit of alignment, you might ask?

Answer: Alignment*, crafted purposefully, allows all moving pieces in an organizational system to fall in their rightful places, promoting well-being, high spirits, and targeted productivity. There is no other way. Shortcuts and quick fixes, e.g., hiring and firing and perpetual restructuring, usually lead to more challenges further down the path.


A purposefully crafted organizational system relies on well-functioning and true-to-purpose teams. It is modular and flexible by nature. Once an organization can intentionally build the teams they need and align them with other teams, development, growth, and even occasional re-structuring are possible without breaking out of alignment during the change process. It is about organizational agility in the most practical sense.

Trying to change a running system can seem to be a daunting task. The first step towards correcting misalignment is making a clear decision for change. While the determination to change, resolve, and perseverance are prerequisites, change is not as difficult as it seems to be. If it makes sense, your organization will want to change.
Now you might ask, where and how do I start?
Here is where I can offer you my guidance and support as a sparring partner with a proven change methodology and process and many years of experience. The process will uncover misalignments and hidden issues and needs. We will find the critical levers for change in your case and identify the right fixes. It has worked time and time again.


You say, I understand, but what it's in it for me? 

As a byproduct, it will make you a more experienced leader, hopefully even an outstanding leader of an exceptional organization. Imagine something like this:

It's Monday morning; you just had your weekly team meeting

and are back in your office.

  • Your in-tray is empty; no new internal emails are coming in.

  • The team is heads-down tapping away; even the "challenging "ones are productive.

  • You look into your calendar, and there is space where the fire fighting sessions used to be.

  • You look into your Team Management System to check on progress. All targets on green.

Perfect, all done, all good. And well done.

You feel the smile spread across your face and a full sense of satisfaction as you head out the door to your favorite café for your morning espresso to deliberate on strategy.

Those who say this is impossible to implement haven't yet given it a try.


*Alignment is the correct arrangement or position of something in relation to something else. (Oxford Language Dictionary)

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